Strategy Development

Let our proprietary A5 System help your business

Execution without a plan and a plan without execution typically means opportunity cost. In today’s hurry-up lives, businesses can’t afford to get it wrong.

That’s why we created our proprietary A5 System, a holistic, rigorous and fact-based marketing approach that takes clients to their fifth powers. Providing fresh perspectives to new brands and those no longer the craze, Buffalo senior leadership runs clients through our A5 System resulting in smart, actionable and measurable strategies. The process:

  1. ASSESS how a brand’s mission aligns with its communications strategy, graphic identity, messaging, digital footprint and content curation architecture. What is the state of brand trust, its Customer Sentiment Index (TM), its points of differentiation and position among its competitive set?
  2. ADVISE leadership by creating and delivering an integrated marketing-communications strategy and program – with measurable and aggressive-yet-attainable goals – that propels brands ahead of the curve
  3. ACTIVATE the program through surgical deployment of Buffalo’s integrated marketing, public relations, design and social media teams working alongside the in-house staff of client partners
  4. ANALYZE marketing-communications program efficacy, including our CSI (Customer Sentiment Index) tool and other metrics
  5. ACCELERATE activation and growth through replication of and add-ons to the marketing-communications program

Far more insightful than standard consultant services which address only select pieces of the puzzle, Buffalo weaves today’s trends into client plans: Multiculturalism, rise of women, millennials, globalization, digital explosion, 24/7 business environments, technology’s role in efficiency, brand trust and loyalty, cause marketing and sustainability.

After all, “because we’ve always done it this way” is a very dangerous statement.