Dear Friends,

How will the following overflow of questions go over?  On second thought, should we assume it’s immaterial given the need to occasionally spice up this monthly e-newsletter?  And what’s wrong with showcasing Buffalo.Agency’s unconventional ways which benefit golf, sport and lifestyle clients?  Ready to cover smart integrated marketing?


What do you want to be when you grow up?  Is your brand’s vision, mission, definition and positioning crystal clear?  How do you properly and energetically accelerate market reach, resonance and acceptance of your brand as a “must have?”  Are you fishing in the correct customer acquisition pond?  How about optimizing customer retention by analyzing and segmenting data to identify untapped opportunities, then tailoring campaigns against unique behavior sets?  Built your product to perfection, but experiencing trouble reaching primary and secondary audiences to prompt action?  Are you three pages deep into Google searches?  Social engagement gone silent?  Content stale and uninspiring?  Other parts of your marketing “blah” and overall anemic?

Brainy Spark

Wonder why companies wanting leverage in golf, sport and lifestyle sectors contact us regularly?  Is it (yes!) because Buffalo.Agency measurably makes and saves them money?  Do you know about our end-to-end integrated marketing comprising strategy, public relations, social media, content development, creative, digital, SEO-SEM, research and experiential marketing?  Realize that in golf, for example, we own a database of 5.5MM active players?  Want to meet our digital, data and analytics experts who match clients with hyper-targeted audiences for little marketing waste and high sales conversions?  How about relying on Buffalo’s brand messaging precision, story-selling expertise and media connections for consistent editorial in media that matters?  Want us to map a recurring revenue (subscription) model?  Should you have the low-risk gumption to partner with Buffalo.Agency’s high-octane gumption?

Market Signs

Where do many ideas germinate?  Regularly monitor news and follow trends like our team does?  Did you catch PepsiCo reducing the amount of sugar, sodium and fat by two-thirds in many products by 2025?  How about the genius of Netflix pumping up original programming to gain a surge in subscriptions despite a price hike?  Notice Amazon is increasing seasonal hiring by 20% over 2015, indicating robust holiday shopping is forthcoming?  Excited about record-high consumerism forecasts for 2017 tied to a third-quarter GDP growth of 2.9% and a 43-year low in Americans seeking unemployment benefits?  Look around to see new neighbors seizing historically low mortgage rates contributing to a 3.2% year-over-year rise in home sales?  Following businesses promoting themselves as “wellness destinations” to satisfy health-conscious travelers and active lifestylists closer to home?  Is AT&T’s bid to buy Time Warner and transform itself from a telecommunications to bundled media giant signal a wake-up call that you need more original content boost engagement?   Is your marketing strategy in alignment with customers’ modern proclivities?

Impact Player

Could the summer have gone any better (no!) for Buffalo.Agency and its new clients?  Prepared to regularly see, read and hear about the United Soccer League’s 29 teams “in the news?”  Getting ready to see how Buffalo raises the social media bar for the Sports & Fitness Industry Association?  Notice Bridgestone Golf’s balls, clubs and accessories featured on Yahoo! just days into Buffalo’s PR representation?  Want to learn how Buffalo’s SEO, SEM, PR and content marketing is geared to generate qualified homebuyer leads to Querencia, Cabo San Lucas’ only completely private golf community?


Want some of our intelligence, creativity and results-orientation?  What’s there to lose by e-mailing or calling me to share your situation?  Is 2017 your breakout year?  Life too short not to pump up the offense?  Want to make more money and own your market?  Yes?  Yes!