Dear Friends,

The New Year represents a symbolic fresh start to businesses and careers.  Doing things differently separates successful professionals from along-for-the-ride workers.  At Buffalo.Agency, we subscribe to the former and, as such, clients praise our “wow” results.  We are here to discuss your situation and, whether you’re part of or trying to infiltrate golf, sport or lifestyle markets, our integrated marketing firm may be a needed catalyst.

Consumer Confidence

Key U.S. economic indicators advanced at a solid pace for the second straight month in October, suggesting meaningful economic growth headed into 2017.  Americans’ incomes increased by .6% after a .4% gain in September.  Personal consumption rose by .3% following .7% in September, the second-greatest monthly climb and a 3.2% annual pace the past two years.  The trends led to consumer prices proportionately edging up in November.  Household spending accounts for about two-thirds of total U.S. output.  More jobs and higher corporate profits and wages mean more money to purchase goods and services.  Personal savings also rose to 6% in October from 5.7% the prior month.

New Drink

Our entrepreneurial juices mean Buffalo especially loves partnering with brands when they’re on the ground floor.  The latest is a new Ontario, Canada-based business set to manufacture, package, market and sell oxygenated spring water under the “Origin Water” label.  Among myriad points of distinction is use of “nano bubble” technology.  Buffalo will concurrently establish a go-to-market strategy and launch creative, including  a logo, taglines, collateral, packaging, “elevator pitch,” social media backgrounds, campaign themes and website.  From there, we will turnkey public relations and social media programs.  Origin Water falls within Buffalo’s lifestyle category.

Secondary Market

Global Value Commerce boasts the world’s largest e-commerce platform for buying and selling pre-owned golf clubs.  Business is largely transacted on with support from GVC-owned, and other websites.  New golf gear is also sold through these channels.  The company’s PGA Value Guide is the authority in determining prices for pre-owned golf clubs.  Buffalo is charged with helping GVC refresh its brand strategy and storylines.  We will also turnkey public relations and provide data marketing consultation on GVC customer acquisition and retention opportunities.

Baja Paradise

Buffalo will turnkey an integrated real-estate marketing program for Querencia, the only pure private golf club and community in Los Cabos, Mexico.  Through a modern mix of public relations, SEO and content marketing, we will amplify online and offline awareness about the lavish lifestyle, and generate qualified homeowner leads.  Storytelling via owned, earned and paid digital media is surgical during all phases of the home-buying cycle.  The 1,800-acre gated enclave’s custom ocean- and golf course-view homes, spacious condos and golf villas are from $500,000 to $12 million.  Querencia’s “The Club” features a Tom Fazio-designed golf course rated among Mexico’s best by Golf Digest, GOLF Magazine and Golfweek.

Correctly Connect

Creating and promoting outstanding products and services is only part of the market-share battle.  A sales approach and making marketing not feel like marketing equally matters.  People buy from personalities they like and can relate to.  Overlooking the importance of personal connection risks losing to others who over time create relationships which help prospects buy versus trying to sell to them.  Whether your brand is small or at scale, some tips:

  1. Adopt a Corner-Store Mentality – Know names and levels of detail about potential customers. Remembering the little things gets audiences past dollar signs and feeling appreciated as humans.
  1. Ask Questions First – Take time to probe prospects before gearing into sales mode. This way, you know wants and needs, can pinpoint what they’re seeking and forge relationships based on TLC.
  1. Court Clients – Selling is akin to dating in that wooing prospects to return the attention. So they take notice, hook them with interesting, informative and entertaining content relevant to their businesses and respectful to their busy schedules.
  1. Make it Personal – Reveal something about yourself the customer can relate to. Talking about birthdays and birthplaces typifies real connections that may cause them to purchase and feel good about it.
  1. Listen Intently – There’s nothing more insulting than feeling ignored in a conversation. Ask a question and truly listen to the response.  Don’t go too deep into formulating a response while the other person is speaking.
  1. Ditch Anonymity – While it’s often quicker and less stressful to e-mail a potential customer, face-to-face meetings and networking are far more effective in creating meaningful connections. Video conferencing is face recognition and people buy from people.
  1. Exercise Patience – It takes time to develop lasting customer relationships. Fight the urge to rush the process.  Cultivate trust through curated content and personal interaction.  Making prospects feel rushed or hustled renders you selfish.

Around the Horn

Winging it doesn’t apply.  Painstakingly understand audiences and meticulously position brands in exciting, classy and organized ways.  Examples:

  1. Alternative Uses – Engagement doesn’t happen by accident. Creativity is required to occupy, attract and involve audience interests and attentions.  Golf courses are multi-purpose and satisfy myriad pastimes.  Events like night golf, Fitbit walks, 5K runs, gardening clubs, archery lessons, play-all-day promotions, charity clinics and lecture series augment customer value and prompt action.  Use every bit of acreage and indoor space for programming.
  1. Brand Balance – Some feel obligated to post on social media every half-hour or so. Others manage their digital brands more passively, albeit smartly.  They judiciously only post unforced intelligent and relevant topics.  These types are also lurkers or those who consume content to expand their knowledge, be it keeping up with the latest trends or simply to be professionally conversational.
  1. Solid Foundation – Prior planning prevents poor performance. Poster child to this adage is our U.S. Club Soccer client.  Its Players First program, a branded, holistic club soccer experience for parents and players, recently celebrated a one-year anniversary.  Well before this milestone, preparation began.  Clear goals, expectations and detailed execution guidelines were established, roles and responsibilities were delineated and creative assets were created.  Proper lead time is a main reason why social media contests, national and regional publicity, partner support, parent-player engagement and other activities were in high gear.  Buffalo looks forward to contributing to even bigger annual celebrations.  Planning will soon be underway.

Nothing to Lose

After each monthly installment of this newsletter, I receive inquiries about how Buffalo can provide marketing assistance.  Please rest assured not all prospective clients fit our bill and vice versa.  Buffalo advancing top-of-the-funnel and, ultimately, sales conversions are critical to these conversations.

Very truly yours,

Rich Katz
Founder & Managing Director